Nancy Wake charity event

Nancy Wake Florence Dolle

I was lucky enough to be asked to be the official photographer for an event to raise money to house Nancy Wake, second world war hero. The event took place in Lincoln's Inn.

During the war she lived in France and helped many people from the resistance accross the border.

She lived in a hotel for quite a while, but then money became scarce and she had nowhere to go and no government would take care of her.

Just before I turned up for the event, my camera stopped working altogether. ( I had chosen to take a newer camera with me in a moment of madness, one that absolutely needs batteries and no shop around sold this particular sort)

I had to run to a friend's house to borrow his, and struggled a little with all the weird settings until I found the manual mode.

I found her to be more lively and fun than most of my twenty-something friends. (Look at all the empty glasses in front of her!)