Jilly long legs and the Royal Courts of Justice

Delores Deluxe, The Kitten Club, Florence Dolle, The Seven Stars

This is Delores Deluxe.

This photo was taken at the Seven Stars, where we both worked in 2002 or similar. I barely knew her at the time. She had a birthday party with the theme "musicals".

I always took my camera to work ( or to wherever really) at the time, so it was a perfect opportunity to leave the bar unattended and do anything but my actual job.

She has these amazing legs that won't quit, so I wanted to immortalise them.

"make my legs look longer", she said right before I took this. So I did. This is called Jilly long legs.

It was taken on a very grainy film, mostly because I love grain but also because I hate flash.

Jilly became my muse shortly after that as she's not only good looking, she also can stay very very still during long exposures.