Exotic location number 1: Guildford

One night that I was tremendously sad, a friend of mine who was trying to cheer me up told me to stop mopping and take my camera out.

She knew me well, it always works.

I lived in Guildford at the time, which, aside from being one of the most boring places I ever lived, was great for photos.

Have you ever seen that church on the top of the hill, which featured in the movie "The Omen"? If not, go.

I do not actually remember how long the exposure was, but I know it was long because the small street lamp behind the trees looks like the rising sun, and if you saw this as a large print, you could see a lot of detail in the foliage and grass. The river is so placid, it appears to be a mirror.

After taking a few photos, I went home happier. When I developped this roll, I became very happy. I love this serie of photos.