TCA men's couture does London

My friend Teresa is a wildly talented designer for men. She asked me to take photos of her catwalk show for the London Fashion Week.

Let me just say right here, I don't quite get fashion, and I do not enjoy catwalk photography one bit. I arrived very early, set up my tripod and camera bag in a great spot where I could have photos of the models on the catwalk without those awful ceiling lamps, befriended a guy who was filming the event from another great angle and arranged that we would swap places sometimes, and went off to photograph the preparations backstage. I returned to find that a photographer for a famous designer had moved all our stuff while the other guy went for a quick lunch. I asked him nicely to move, to which he answered "you snooze, you lose".

I spent a lot of the fashion show practising the then unknown art of photobombing, along with a few other photographers annoyed with this guy, who was probably paid to come and steal ideas from young designers. We believe we managed to be in all his photos.

Her bit of the show over, I felt I was artistically dead, so I asked if I could take her models out. The boys and her make up artists were tired and at first she refused, but they all said they would enjoy some fresh air.

We came out of the stuffy hotel onto a very sunny Strand. All passers by stopped to look at the models. Many clapped. Some took photos.

We crossed the street and some people followed us.

I was walking ahead and taking photos like a papparazzo.

I then decided it was time to have them act as if they dress like this every day and blend in with the crowds.

I am not entirely sure they blended. I don't care.